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Independent French/Chinese managed inspection company founded in 2005, our company Sunchine Quality Control Technology Service Co., Ltd., brand name Sunchine Inspection is accredited and certificated by all China and international organizations such as AQSIQ, CNAS ISO/IEC 17020. So, the report of Sunchine inspection is approved and authorized by more than 100 countries through agreement of ILAC-MRA.

As member of CIQA, Sunchine Inspection is engaged to be one of the most reliable Inspection & Testing Companies, to help the buyers to improve and optimize their suppliers chain and establish the confidence and safety in the international transactions.

Our fields of competence include auditing, product inspections lab testing and certifications services.

With over 220 qualified and accredited full-time inspectors, present in more than 60 main cities in China and Grand Asia, Sunchine inspection is able to perform inspections in almost every important industrial region in Asia today, including China, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri-Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea.

All Sunchine Inspection auditors and inspectors receive regular trainings in their fields of specialization, encompassing Hardlines (electrical & electronics, toys, appliances, furniture, construction materials, tools, mechanicals, sporting goods, jewelry & timepiece, eyewear, cosmetics, Softlines (textiles, garments, footwear, belts, hats), food and others.

Our aim is to make easier for our clients to manage, improve and optimize the quality of their suppliers chain and to control better the quality, safety and compliance of their productions in Asia with their Quality Standards and specifications and make sure that they meet the safety requirements,regulations and performance of their export markets.

Our prices from 258 USD per man/day all costs included, for product inspection in China and in Gran Asia main industrial cities are very competitive when compared with competitors having the same accreditations as us.

Our experts are at your disposal to reply to all the questions you might have and, give you required assistance and the information you need.

Our dedication to the clients and our leading-edge quality control solutions make us one of the leading and most trusted inspection company in Asia.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or for further information. We are looking forward to receiving your special request.

One-Stop Safety Solution for masks, protective equipment and medical devices

Sunchine Inspection has set up a fully integrated, cost-effective and one-stop solution to help buyers worldwide to ensure the quality, safety and compliance of their productions and purchases of masks and other protective equipment and medical devices with the Standards and compliance regulations of their export markets (CE, USA and others).

This one-stop safety solution for masks, protective and medical devices includes:

  • Supplier's reliability verification,

  • Authentication of Certificates with US & EU. Laboratory test for PFE & MD (If no such certificates, help the exporters/ importers to apply the CE or Register FDA)

  • Authentication of Certificates of Export as required from China Administration -

  • During Production Inspection in warehouse or at factory 's production line

  • Free drawing of samples for Lab test during inspection

  • Laboratory test for PFE, extra quick process from 1 working day

  • Pre-Shipment Inspection at factory or in warehouse to verify product status and compliance with the purchasing order or contract and the standards of the destination market

  • Loading supervision

  • Inspection certificate to show to the Customs and all relevant parts the Status of Shipment

  • Tailor-made and compliant consultancy service before purchasing and all along the purchasing and production process.

Sunchine Inspection experts keep at the disposal of importers and exporters a complete document explaining points by points in detail this convenient and complete quality and safety solution for protective and medical equipment.

Welcome to visit Sunchine Inspection at the 128th Canton Fair that is hold online from 15. to 24. October.

Indeed, Sunchine Inspection has been invited to participate in the 128th Canton Fair as the designated Inspection &Testing Service Resident Company of Canton Fair Organizing Committee !

Sunchine inspection provides a full range of inspection services at each step of the step of the supply chain, lab testing & product certification services.

Accredited with AQSIQ and ISO/IEC 17020:2012, Sunchine Inspection meets both the technical competence requirements and management system requirements that are necessary to consistently deliver technically valid inspection results for agricultural products, chemicals, electrical electronic goods, recreational products, furniture, electromechanical, building materials, textiles, children products, toys, and other consumer goods industries.

All Sunchine Inspection's inspectors are highly skilled & specialized by industry. They go through regular training to keep abreast of the complex and ever-evolving international regulations.

With Sunchine Inspection, you make sure that your products comply with your specifications and meet the Safety requirements, regulations & rules of your destination market.

Sunchine Inspection is hiring new international sales representatives

Sunchine Inspection is hiring new international sales agents and representatives in Europe, North and Latin America, Africa and Asia to enrich its business development team with dynamic and motivated external collaborators.

Their mission will be to introduce our inspection, lab testing and certifications services to buyers, analyze their needs & requirements and propose them adequate quality control solutions helping them improve quality and ensure the product safety & compliance with the rules & regulations of the export market.

Experience in product quality management, Excellent interpersonal & communication skills, Reactive & proactive skills, Good organizational & analytical skills will be appreciated.

Inspection company Body A accredited ISO/IEC 17020:2012, Sunchine Inspection knows a steady growth and still has a strong potential for grow.

Dynamic and efficient company, Sunchine Inspection recognizes, values and rewards the abilities, qualities & achievements of everyone in our company. We have a constructive and open-minded approach in work and provide to every employee and collaborator appropriate support and flexibility to help them reach their aims.

If you are interested, please, send us your CV with a cover letter.